Do I hate the American worker? Or is it just my wallet?

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I needed a new pair of shoes this past weekend, so off to Sears it was, where I know they carry my favorite shoe - New Balance. Not only do I find their shoes comfortable and well built, I also know they're the last American Manufacturer of sneakers and… more »

Xerces Panic Error

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This post is merely for people who get a specific error message and has nothing to do with anything else. It's meant to be cataloged by the search engines to help people. This is not a normal blog posting. Recently I tried running my Adobe Premiere… more »

Here we go... Pittsburgh's goin' to the Super Bowl...

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Here we go... Here we go... Here we go... Steelers - Here we go... Pittsburgh's goin' to the Super Bowl... This is the year we'll get that one for the thumb! [Please, everyone, give that 16-second chant a quick listen here to get you in the pro… more »

Why Comcast bites; Why DirecTV rocks

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I have been a DirecTV customer for 8.5 years, most of the company's life actually. When we moved to Saline, MI I was outraged that I couldn't get cable, had to pay $5 for each receiver and couldn't just hook up any old TV or VCR of my choosing. But onc… more »

Why I don't like Daytona

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A blog post for information too long for Facebook or Twitter:I have never liked Daytona, I'll be honest, I watch it merely for "the big one" wishing to see tons of mangled metal and hurt feelings that will create some drama in the increasingly bland… more »

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