Big Brother

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When I read things I believe are "too weird to be true" I often dismiss them as false and go on to the next thing. I mean we all know that just because it's on the Internet doesn't mean it's true, right? So in the past hour, more than a few people I… more »

I'm A Believer!

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Yep, after about 18 months of testing the waters and making dabbles into the system, I am finally a full-fledged believer - in Wholesale Club Shopping! I blogged recently about my foray into renewing my membership at BJ's, but finally, I believe in th… more »

Geek Porn Wednesday

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A little bit of geek porn for your Wednesday commute home. Trust me, if you're not a geek, today's post will bring you no joy.Back in the day, and when I say "in the day" I mean the very beginning of technology, Bell Laboratories was the place. IIR… more »

Fear of Flying

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As if flying wasn't undignified enough already - getting virtually strip searched before boarding, paying for your luggage, your carry-on and even your drinks, since you can't bring them through security.Now they're developing seats like horse saddle… more »

What is it?

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Hints: I took the photo on my Droid, which is why what at the time appeared to be a wonderful artistic image turns out to be a "what on earth is that thing?"  The image was taken this past weekend. The first person to tell me what it is will win a free… more »

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