Stories of Survival

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I love stories of survival - I am fascinated with Beck Weathers of the horrific 1996 ascent of Everest where a freak storm took the lives of 9 climbers including some of the most experienced Everest Summit'ers in history. (Amazon: Left For Dead: My Jour… more »

Republican's can be A** H**** too

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Just so my liberal readers don't think I am completely one-sided in this whole Palin bashing... During the convention, Palin, a woman to remind my cave-dwelling readers, said, "You know the difference between a Hockey Mom and a Pit Bull? Lipstick!"… more »

What is it?

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Hints: I took the photo on my Droid, which is why what at the time appeared to be a wonderful artistic image turns out to be a "what on earth is that thing?"  The image was taken this past weekend. The first person to tell me what it is will win a free… more »

Italians & Science

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It might be prudent policy going forward where Italians as a state make no claims or rebuttals with respect to science. Seems some guy predicted the big earthquake that happened today, killing over a dozen people, but was muzzled by the state and forc… more »

City Council Gone Wild(life)

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Imagine you got yourself on the City Council agenda, got your chance to speak, prepared slides, wrote your notes on index cards. Then you spoke to council. With microphones, they agreed with you and even passed a resolution endorsing your cause. Wha… more »

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