City Council Gone Wild(life)

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Imagine you got yourself on the City Council agenda, got your chance to speak, prepared slides, wrote your notes on index cards. Then you spoke to council. With microphones, they agreed with you and even passed a resolution endorsing your cause. Wha… more »

Tim Berners-Lee has a blog

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So let's all take a ride in the "way back" machine... Once upon a time, while at Blackhawk High School, I used a VT terminal to take a programming course at Pitt during my sophomore year (yes, you read that right, college credit during my sophomore ye… more »

Buffalo going extinct

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I have long wondered how and where restaurants got their endless supply of Chicken Fingers while forgoing all the thumbs. Other places serve near endless supply of Buffalo Wings, but rarely outside of Colorado do you see Buffalo on the menu in other for… more »

The American Healthcare System

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Sorry folks looking for a political diatribe on the state of the US Healthcare System complete with a compare and contrast of John McCain's views and how Barack Obama wants to nationalize (parts of) the system. All I have is some before and after phot… more »

How to put video on your iPod

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I purchased a (video) iPod (5th Generation) in May. Been loving it since then, but haven't taken advantage of the "video" portion of it. I mean seriously folks, why would I want to download a season 2 episode of Friends to watch on the tiny screen when… more »

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