Scandal in the White House!

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Saturday was a huge day in the White House. Yeah, you all know what I'm talking about. The President being caught not disclosing information in a timely manner! Just like President Reagan before him, President Bush was caught talking with the microp… more »

Welcome to Earth 2.0

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Hey, I was just getting used to Earth 1.0, what gives? Seriously - and bear with me, this is a good one - let me explain. You're all familiar with the Internet. I know this because you're reading this post on said Internet. You know, the collection… more »

How to show abbreviated messages

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You know how sometimes you have a lot to say, but it would look better if only a portion of what you typed appeared in your list of blog entries. The way to do that is to insert the "more" tag. While entering in the "write" window, click the "!M" bu… more »

We're Expecting!

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Today is a big day in the Cohen household! We have been waiting almost a year for this special delivery! I just wonder if it will be anti-climactic once it arrives. Verizon showed up this morning to install FIOS! Yeah baby, Fiber to the home! We m… more »

Been a long week...

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Hey guys, sorry I've been gone for a while. Last week, although we all survived, had no hospital visits or the like, was a long & rough week on the home front. I don't think it was the "worst" week, but there was little good or easy times in it. T… more »

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