Human Hanging

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Here's a quote to chew on: Iraqi officials said that the gallows were built in accordance with international standards, but human rights officials disputed that claim. "Under no circumstances can an execution be in accordance with human rights standa… more »

National Catastrophe!

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I received an e-mail from a friend with nothing but good intentions today. It read: Today, March 5th, one of the most significant court cases in America’s history will take place. I thought there was a court case about Obama's spending spree, or per… more »

Hurricane Katrina & The Poor

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I am following hurricane coverage probably more than most and reading article after article at various news web sites and on TV and radio. Listening to Rush Limbaugh this afternoon, he launched into a tirade that this died-in-the-wool Conservative felt… more »

Weird Hobby: Gumball Helmet collecting

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I admittedly have a strange hobby (GeoCaching) and collect things to excess (Penguins), but this guy has me beat... Bill Jones, of Austin, Texas, collects old school gumball helmets and modifies them into those of teams in leagues that were never prod… more »

Pykrete Redux

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Just a month longer than 3 years ago, I posted a great story about a hypothetical US Navy aircraft carrier built from ice! Well, a version of ice called Pykrete! Last night, during Alaska Week on Discovery Channel, my favorite guys Adam and Jamie bui… more »

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