Hail To Pitt! Beat Penn State Xavier!

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This is Pitt's year. They are the Real Deal, the Beasts of the East, Pitt is It! Seriously folks, after 30+ years of fandom, this years team is the best I have ever seen in a Pitt uniform, beating the teams of the late 80's comprised of Sean Miller, Je… more »

IRL, Golf and the quest for space

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[Just rambling, and it's late. I WILL hyperlink key phrases and topics - just not now. Re-visit this post in a day or two and find the links. I also broke this message up into 3 sections, continue clicking for the full read - just trying to make it ea… more »

Coolest Video Ever (well, at least for today)

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Found this video thanks to the crew at Buzz Out Loud... I love video racing games - it's my primary video game expertise.  Gran Turismo, Project Gotham Racing, Need For Speed, etc. So when a group of folks decided to test the "third person" driving e… more »

The year of the Splash Landing

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Remember the Year of the Shark? Shark attacks made headlines nearly every week one summer. At the end of all the hype and hysteria, that year, commonly refered to as "The Year of the Shark" had FEWER shark attacks than an average year. So with the h… more »

Talk about over-reaction

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I know the history of protests are rooted in self-immolation, but shouldn't your cause be in proportion to the danger you put yourself into? Seems some dude in California set himself aflame in protest of the local school board changing the names of th… more »

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