How not to test drive a boat

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So say you're selling your boat and you advertise like on Craigs List and say potential buyers stop by and want to take the boat out for a test drive. It might be in your best interest to point out to them that there's a dam downstream from your locatio… more »

This is your car. This is your car on drugs.

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According to the Daily Mail, this is the result of a cocaine addict running from the police. Props: ElKyle more »

CMU wins Urban DARPA Challenge

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Not much more for me to say, just read the article... Then fear your neighborhood being over-run with driverless robots set on taking over... Links: Tartan Racing DARPA Urban Challenge C|Net - DARPA race pushes robotics forward Pittsburgh… more »

Let's Go Bucs!

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Sometimes it takes a big stage to get a point across, sometimes one can be a bit rude in using a big stage to make their point. This time, I believe Michael Keaton said publicly on the biggest stage of the season exactly what needed to be said. Throw… more »

Powers of 10

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One of my favorite movies of all time is called "Powers of 10" I first saw it in science class at Blackhawk High School back "in the day." Now that I know the YouTube link, I'll have my 1st grader watch it because I think it teaches so much in only 10… more »

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