Powers of 10

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One of my favorite movies of all time is called "Powers of 10" I first saw it in science class at Blackhawk High School back "in the day." Now that I know the YouTube link, I'll have my 1st grader watch it because I think it teaches so much in only 10… more »

Amazing Rescue Story

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I woke up a bit early for church today (Sunday) and read this article in my daily web news cycle. Wow! What a story to start off a Sunday morning... A must read... more »

Leisure time is the key to success

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On a philosophical note, I have long believed that leisure time is the definition of a society's success. No, I'm not getting spiritual, but when we were agricultural, we had to work the fields all day, prep the food all night, sleep and repeat. Societ… more »

Did you vote yesterday?

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If you voted, like my 5 year old Josh did, then kudo's to you. Even if you voted for the losing candidate, or choose to vote your conscious and toe the Libertarian line - you had your say in the future of the country. We went out after lunch and I le… more »

Happy Birthday Hitler

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OK, take another sip of your coffee, relax your brain for a second and then read this next paragraph [from NJ.com]: A family in Pennsylvania named their child Adolf Hitler Campbell. They are outraged that a local Shop Rite refused to put their sons n… more »

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