Predicting American Idol

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My friend Nate sent me an e-mail yesterday that read like this: Caleb, although you don't watch American Idol, I thought this would be interesting to you. There was a brief piece in USA Today yesterday about This guy has come up wi… more »

Got Paraskavedekatriaphobia?

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Lucinda and I married on August 13th and a Christian friend asked us "aren't you worried?" Until that point, I hadn't made any connection of the date to anything. I'll never understand why anyone, especially a Christian, would have fear for a randomly… more »

What I've been up to...

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I've been quite busy the past few months taking care of something I thought I would share with yuinz now... I've met my initial goal of 180 and am near by true desire to stay at 175 long-term. I've finally started laxing a bit on my diet and didn… more »

New Laser Missile Defense System

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Think Patriot Missile System for Mosquito's! more »

Backyard Landscaping

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The "project" has finally begun! I gave up on doing the backyard either myself or with slave labor and hired in some professionals. Check out the before and after shot just from today's work: You can see more photos in the Flickr Set I just… more »

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