New Jersey Stinks

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I lived in New Jersey for 5 years, so I'm permitted to make fun of it. It stinks! We left there, flew the coop, because it stank so much. It's too dense, the people, in general, are rude, there are too many cars, too much pavement - yuck - the place j… more »

Text Messaging can be dangerous to your health

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My definition of "sport" is that there has to be a legitimate possiblity of dying while participating for it to be real. Thus NASCAR is a sport (Dale Earnhardt), bridge is not. Soccer isn't a sport, but referring it is. You get the picture... As of… more »

Moving Day: Part 1 of 3

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Today the packers arrived to start the moving process. 5 people scurrying around like worker ants wrapping, packaging and boxing up all our stuff. They're professionals in every sense of the word - in that if I were doing it I'd do it half as good in t… more »

Common Decency

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We often read stories of how great Average Citizens can be when called upon to help those in need. But then we read stories like this one where uniformed security personnel standby "observing and reporting" while a 15 year old girl is badly beaten.… more »

Only in New Jersey...

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... can you sue someone in state court for taking a bribe and not following through on their end of the deal... As the article states: Eric Kurta, president of the Hoboken-based People For Open Government, said the case shows how ingrained the idea… more »

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