Visible From Space!

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It used to be that the Great Wall of China was the only man-made object visible from space. Then the Great Pyramids were visible. Now they're building an island in the shape of a palm tree in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and they're "Visible from Space… more »

If a Clown is shot in a circus...

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... does anybody care? Seriously, the only thing funnier than clowns being gunned down in a circus would be mimes being shot on the street corner, unable to call out for help! Two clowns were shot and killed by an unidentified gunman during their p… more »

Civlil Rights Violation My *&%!

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OK, so as a college prank to play with the authorities, you decide to fill condoms with flour and then hop on the next airplane flight to LA. problem is the authorities saw them and believed them to be filled with cocaine, as it the normal practice when… more »

Text Messaging can be dangerous to your health

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My definition of "sport" is that there has to be a legitimate possiblity of dying while participating for it to be real. Thus NASCAR is a sport (Dale Earnhardt), bridge is not. Soccer isn't a sport, but referring it is. You get the picture... As of… more »

Moving Day: Part 1 of 3

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Today the packers arrived to start the moving process. 5 people scurrying around like worker ants wrapping, packaging and boxing up all our stuff. They're professionals in every sense of the word - in that if I were doing it I'd do it half as good in t… more »

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