Welcome to Life 2.0

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Ahhh... As a follow-up to my Earth 2.0 piece over a week ago, I must tell you I have been enjoying the highs and lows of Life 2.0 since that post was made: My "normal" sized house was home to 11 people for 5 days We hosted an open house for 50… more »

Ahhh, that's gonna leave a mark...

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Yahoo! News continues to run through some pictures of the year and some are simply amazing... Sometimes your mind just wanders while you should be paying attention. Maybe he should concentrate less on his iPod playlist and more on those obstacles on… more »

That's all you can eat sir...

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I've always said there's a fine line between an "all you can eat buffet" and an "all you can eat buffet." What I mean is at some point, there shuold be a limit - and the host could say, "sir, that's all you can eat." Every now and again you see some st… more »

Common Decency

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We often read stories of how great Average Citizens can be when called upon to help those in need. But then we read stories like this one where uniformed security personnel standby "observing and reporting" while a 15 year old girl is badly beaten.… more »

NJ Commuting

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And I thought commuting in NJ was tough... RNPS PICTURES OF THE YEAR 2007- An elephant destroys a minibus after throwing its rider and going on a rampage during Sri Lanka's sixth annual elephant polo tournament in Galle February 15, 2007. Abey, a fo… more »

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