CMU wins Urban DARPA Challenge

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Not much more for me to say, just read the article... Then fear your neighborhood being over-run with driverless robots set on taking over... Links: Tartan Racing DARPA Urban Challenge C|Net - DARPA race pushes robotics forward Pittsburgh… more »

Snow in South Africa: An Inconvenient Truth

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We may be suffering through triple-digit temperatures in the Northeast United States this week - you know, ice caps melting, carbon dioxide emmissions, people driving hummers rather than Prius' and not putting Nitrogen in their tires... But today's s… more »

Let me be your travel agent

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Two articles at CNN are pumping areas I know and love as tourist destinations, perhaps also as living destinations: Pittsburgh & The West Coast of Michigan. For the Pittsburgh section, they call the city "cutting edge" which is cool. Pittsburgh,… more »

That's all you can eat sir...

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I've always said there's a fine line between an "all you can eat buffet" and an "all you can eat buffet." What I mean is at some point, there shuold be a limit - and the host could say, "sir, that's all you can eat." Every now and again you see some st… more »

Moving Day: Part 1 of 3

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Today the packers arrived to start the moving process. 5 people scurrying around like worker ants wrapping, packaging and boxing up all our stuff. They're professionals in every sense of the word - in that if I were doing it I'd do it half as good in t… more »

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