CMU wins Urban DARPA Challenge

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Not much more for me to say, just read the article... Then fear your neighborhood being over-run with driverless robots set on taking over... Links: Tartan Racing DARPA Urban Challenge C|Net - DARPA race pushes robotics forward Pittsburgh… more »

Let me be your travel agent

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Two articles at CNN are pumping areas I know and love as tourist destinations, perhaps also as living destinations: Pittsburgh & The West Coast of Michigan. For the Pittsburgh section, they call the city "cutting edge" which is cool. Pittsburgh,… more »

Liberty Science Center

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I took the boys to Liberty Science Center yesterday and wore them both out to exhaustion such that they slept in the car on our way to Philly to visit my sister and her boys for the evening. Check out our fun photos from the science center with Flickr… more »

Welcome to Life 2.0

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Ahhh... As a follow-up to my Earth 2.0 piece over a week ago, I must tell you I have been enjoying the highs and lows of Life 2.0 since that post was made: My "normal" sized house was home to 11 people for 5 days We hosted an open house for 50… more »

Moving Day: Part 1 of 3

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Today the packers arrived to start the moving process. 5 people scurrying around like worker ants wrapping, packaging and boxing up all our stuff. They're professionals in every sense of the word - in that if I were doing it I'd do it half as good in t… more »

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