The Clinton's Pooh

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While on vacation last week, I drove with the boys from Philadelphia to Boston on the most beautiful stretch of highway I have ever been on - the Saw Mill River Parkway (not to be confused with the yuckiest strecth of road I have ever been on, the Saw Mi… more »

Where has the future gone?

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When I was a kid, I went to EPCOT Center with my grandparents. It was simply amazing! In the pre-internet, pre-vaporware, pre-pre-announcement days of yesteryear, you could see things at EPCOT Center that you couldn't have even imagined. In the early a… more »

The mother of all adventures

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I have a lot of dreams and goals in life. I figure I'll do some of them, just dream about others. I'll list them, in decreasing probability, for you to see and hold me to over the years: Bike the rail-trail from Pittsburgh to Washington D.C. (pl… more »

Google Maps Mashups

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A love Google Earth and using Google Maps. The best thing about them is that they permit "mash ups" - the overlay of various information on top of the maps that are provided by Google. There's even a blog that keeps track of these things. Here's a c… more »

Liberty Science Center

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I took the boys to Liberty Science Center yesterday and wore them both out to exhaustion such that they slept in the car on our way to Philly to visit my sister and her boys for the evening. Check out our fun photos from the science center with Flickr… more »

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