This is why Ann Arbor stinks...

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Ann Arbor is currently trying to woo Google's AdSense to build their new headquarters in the city. It will be a boon to the city with 1,000 educated technology workers coming in while blue-collar manufacturing jobs continue to leave with every newscast.… more »

Long break, feeling good...

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I have enjoyed my long break - heck, it's still on-going with Josh still off school and the "three boys" hanging out all day ever day. To help us cope, we finally acquired a Nintendo Wii yesterday and I was up entirely to late bowling and playing tennis… more »

Bonds denying fans ability to reject him...

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In a brilliant piece on Barry Bonds and his chase for the Home Run Crown, Geoff Davidian of Reuters gives us a piece on the Giants recent visit to Milwaukee. Milwaukee is the hometown of baseball commissioner Bud Selig, who does not have a good relation… more »

Double Standards

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Inconsistent beliefs, rules and actions disturb me much more than those I simply disagree with. i.e. I don't agree with a single thing Ohio Congressman Dennis Kuchinch believes in, but I have respect for him. John Kerry, on the other hand, I have no re… more »

It's not your new glasses, the signs are easier to read

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Here's a neat article I received from a friend about a font change in highway signs. For the first time in 50 years, the official font for highway signs is changing. From "Highway Gothic" (Wiki | Font Page | Font Download | Official Symbols) to "Clea… more »

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