Happy Anniversary

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Hey, it's my anniversary today, no time to blog. Esp with church responsiblities in the morning, yard-work during nap time afterward and then dinner at Metzer's when everyone's up, cleaned and ready to celebrate. 12 years - so for all of you who had… more »

Bovines in the Mist

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My old stomping grounds, Beaver County, PA, was the scene recently of what had to be a horror movie shoot: When they encountered a dense patch of fog on the Beaver Valley Bridge over the Beaver River, Mr. Rollin slowed down, but suddenly he saw five c… more »

A murderer you are, a murderer

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What would you do if you found the following note in someone's jacket pocket? You have committed a murder, but no one believes it. All I can do is kill myself, then everyone will see what you have done. Your wife, Alice A local dry cleaner found… more »

Evangelicals and politics

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I posted a few weeks back about my outrage that evangelical leaders threw their support behind candidates that did not align with their views (i.e. they were pro-abortion and pro-gay-rights). I'm not saying that *I* would use these specific issues as a… more »

Yeah, what I said...

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Last week I posted a serious question about why, or rather how, Pat Robertson could endorse Rudy Giuliani. Now I may have been mis-read in that post based on an e-mail I received. I never said *I* wouldn't vote for Rudy, I questioned how Robertson, the… more »

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