Happy Anniversary

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Hey, it's my anniversary today, no time to blog. Esp with church responsiblities in the morning, yard-work during nap time afterward and then dinner at Metzer's when everyone's up, cleaned and ready to celebrate. 12 years - so for all of you who had… more »

Bovines in the Mist

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My old stomping grounds, Beaver County, PA, was the scene recently of what had to be a horror movie shoot: When they encountered a dense patch of fog on the Beaver Valley Bridge over the Beaver River, Mr. Rollin slowed down, but suddenly he saw five c… more »

A murderer you are, a murderer

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What would you do if you found the following note in someone's jacket pocket? You have committed a murder, but no one believes it. All I can do is kill myself, then everyone will see what you have done. Your wife, Alice A local dry cleaner found… more »

Evangelicals and politics

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I posted a few weeks back about my outrage that evangelical leaders threw their support behind candidates that did not align with their views (i.e. they were pro-abortion and pro-gay-rights). I'm not saying that *I* would use these specific issues as a… more »

It's not the lead, it's the GHB

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First we gave pregnant women thalidomide, quite a poor decision by the medical community. Next we worried about cars that were "unsafe at any speed" Then it was tainted Tylenol capsules. Most recently, we have been legitimately worried about lead-po… more »

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