Yeah, what I said...

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Last week I posted a serious question about why, or rather how, Pat Robertson could endorse Rudy Giuliani. Now I may have been mis-read in that post based on an e-mail I received. I never said *I* wouldn't vote for Rudy, I questioned how Robertson, the… more »

Mike Wilbon's heart attack

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I knew Mike Wilbon, Washington Post columnist and ESPN's PTI (Pardon The Interruption) commentator, was out all last week, but I figured it was nothing big. Then someone said something about a heart attack and I thought they were joking, so I did a Goog… more »

Sheep & Wolves...

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So say you have wolves killing the sheep on your farm. What is the best way to fix the problem? According to Rep. Ray LaHood, R-IL, the solution would be to get rid of your sheep! Yeah, in the wake of Congressional scandals regarding House Pages - a… more »

All Hail the Democratic COngress

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Remember all those Democrats whoi were ushered into congress last November? Remember how it was no longer going to be "business as usual?" Don't get me wrong, I don't think but a few of the GOP incumbents deserved to stay in office, but if you run on… more »

Geek Porn

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I had been meaning to shoot something with this title for some time, and finally got the chance this morning. The Verizon folks have been installing FIOS lines up and down my neighborhood for the past couple of weeks. It's been great watching them wo… more »

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