Spontaneous Playground Combustion

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Amazing video of a playground spontaneously combusting! Seems in our quest to replace everything natural with something synthetic, a special type of fake mulch is to blame. I've seen them for sale and been on playgrounds that use composite wood chi… more »

Super Mario Brothers

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Back in April, Kyle posted at the Loquacious of Blog a very cool video of some college vocal/performance group doing the theme music to Super Mario Brothers. Today while looking for video of a flaming Ferrari (I can't directly link to it, but you… more »

Torture from 7,000 BC?

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Seems archeologists found some torture devices they found date back to "5500 - 7000 BC" proving that these devices are some 4,000 years older than first thought. What are they? Dental Drills! I can disprove this quite easily... If this is true, how… more »

How far would you go?

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How far would you go to get someone to come to church? Seriously? Would you stand up in class and tell everyone about Jesus, risking ridicule and the loss of friends? Would you stand on your head in the Diag if it would work? Would you eat a prayin… more »

Who exactly are "the rich?"

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As with every presidential campaign, we're putting American's into two camps - "The Rich" and the "Not Rich." I once read a poll that everyone, both poor and rich, believes they themselves are "middle class" and very very few people identify themselves… more »

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