Nothin' but good news today

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After 2-days of frustration, I have nothing but good news to report today... 1) Installers came and set up Lucinda's baby grand piano. Looks awesome in the living room and I can't wait to host new friends and have Lucinda play for them. Even sounds… more »

Who exactly are "the rich?"

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As with every presidential campaign, we're putting American's into two camps - "The Rich" and the "Not Rich." I once read a poll that everyone, both poor and rich, believes they themselves are "middle class" and very very few people identify themselves… more »

Couple of days off

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As I age and continue to play sports, rough-house with my kids and stay active in youth ministry, I find myself requiring more and more medical visits. I'm currently nursing 2 'issues' right now and will be in and out of contact over the next few days.… more »

Good Priorities

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In an era where priorities are more often mis-placed than we'd like to see, here's a great story of a basketball player from my old stomping grounds who choose his church youth group's annual retreat over a state-playoff game. He'll probably make a bi… more »

Very Proud Dad Day

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Today is a day that I have been waiting for for well over 5 years! My oldest, Joshua, rode his bicycle without training wheels! Sunday afternoon I told him that I wanted to try without training wheels in the grass. He resisted and I didn't push exce… more »

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