For everything, there is a season...

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There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavensThe first post in this blog is dated 1/15/05, nearly six years ago. Since then, I have written 854 entries - more than a post every 3 days, including the large time… more »

The Two Income Trap

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With the recent announcement that Pfizer would be shutting down it's Ann Arbor facility and us looking at short, medium and long-term finances, I thought I'd look into getting a job again. In case you don't know, I have been a full-time stay at home dad… more »

I am insane - or - An Awesome GeoCaching Adventure

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[Note: want to post a comment but there's no box, bad link on my part when I directed you here. Click the chain icon at the bottom center of this page and the box should reappear.] So Caleb, what did you do last week(end)? Glad you asked, I took a… more »

Summer Jobs

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The summer of 1990 had me getting my very first every retail job. Thankfully also my only ever retail job. Blockbuster Video on Centre Ave in Oakland. Only 20 years later and just shy of 25 years since they opened, and revolutionized home entertainmen… more »

Security Theater: Sunday Scare Edition

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I used to speak passable German, but that doesn't stop me from understanding every word in this video. Skip in to the 2 minute mark, then if you get bored, to the 7:30 mark... more »

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