Cool AT&T Web Site (advertisement sort-of)

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I am oblivious to advertisements. I have always been able to "tune them out" regardless of the media format. I have also been a DVR user since 2001 so haven't seen a TV commercial in over 6 years except while on vacation. I run AdBlock inside of my Fi… more »

Strippers are a part of our energy independence

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Yeah, Strippers, you read that right. They're a part of our energy future, independence and all that. Read the story at more »

Don't go away angry, just go away...

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I've been following the whole Leno / O'Brien situation with a snicker on my face for the past couple of weeks. I remember back when I used to watch the late night shows and Dave Letterman was given the shaft and didn't get the Tonight Show gig, forever… more »

New Blog Back-End & Skin

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I finally got around to updating my 2+ year old blog engine to help it run more efficiently and give me some more features to play with. Everything appears to be running fine right now - what I'd like are any bug/error reports you may encounter. Know… more »

Gardasil & The Catholics

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I ordered a T-Shirt from the American Life League and have been on their mailing list ever since. ALL is a Catholic pro-life organization which makes no bones about anything Catholic or pro-life and preaches these things at the fringes of their intended… more »

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