Security Theater: Sunday Scare Edition

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I used to speak passable German, but that doesn't stop me from understanding every word in this video. Skip in to the 2 minute mark, then if you get bored, to the 7:30 mark... more »

Great North Michigan GeoCaching Adventure

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I have returned, mostly in one piece, from what we billed as the "Great North Michigan GeoCaching Adventure 2006" Note: Everything has been logged, including an updated profile. Check it out at Click photos for full-sized versions.… more »

Super Bowl XL Wrap-Up Part Two

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So I jump onto the People Mover at Joe Lewis and head for the stadiums. I read there was "pre-game entertainment" in the vicinity of Ford Field accessible only to ticket holders, so I figure something's going on up there. While on the people mover th… more »

New Concrete Driveway

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I don't normally like making multiple posts in a day, but this one warrants the extra intrusion... But before you read this post, you have to promise to read my earlier one of the day on Minimum Wage - promise me... Our driveway had gone to pot -… more »

Don't Drive in NJ!

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Reasons #1, #2 & #3 why not to drive in NJ on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. A recent snapshot of live traffic in New Jersey thanks to Google Maps: yellow is bad enough, it's red for long stretches going north or south to Philly / Baltimore… more »

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