The N-word

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I've always wondered why people of a certain ethnicity can use a derogatory word to describe themselves, even in popular media, but if anyone from outside the community uses it, they're damned to hell. Finally, someone is standing up and telling their o… more »

Black men still can't catch a break

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I've been intentionally away for the past week or so, letting the election simmer down. WHat amazes me every 4 years is how the candidates promise and the winner is usually the one who promises the most, regardless as to if it can be accomplished or not… more »

Stuart Cove Snorkeling

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For some reason, without kids or alarm clocks we've been waking up much earlier than we'd have thought. Today we left the hotel at 8 AM for a snorkeling outing with Stuart Cove (an outfitter). We start the day with a 45-minute drive from the east end o… more »

IWOOT: Pizza Cutter

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OK, most all of you probably know that I don't eat Pizza. I don't eat anything with Tomatoe sauce - no pizza, spaghetti, lasagna, ketchup on anything. Heck, I don't even eat red grapes out of fear they may be cherry tomatoes! All that said, if someo… more »

Ramadan, Fasting & Overindulging

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I found this article a simply enlightening look at the holy month of Ramadan with respect to how fasting and drawing closer to "god" (Allah?) are pushed aside with laziness, watching TV, eating three times as much food as people "break" their fast and, o… more »

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