Who's to blame for the housing "crisis?"

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I received the following e-mail from a friend yesterday: As the falling housing market shakes financial institutions and pummels Americans in an election year, the nation's economic woes have surged to the top of voters' minds. The timely question: To w… more »

Punishment Fits the Crime

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Somehow, I think the punishment for this crime is going to be quite fitting. Photo Credit: Flickr user Justin Jackson more »

Gone... Like yesterday is gone...

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I found it just a tad bit ironic when last night I had to make a quick run to the grocery store to grab some eggs. I did so in my wife's convertible on a brisk Indian Summer night with temps of 66 in the dark of night. So I set out with the top down wh… more »

Never a guarantee of a moment

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I have long espoused on this blog my definition of "sport" - an activity can only be called a 'sport' if there is risk of death during the participation thereof. i.e. Fencing and Javelin Umpiring - you get the point. Although Tennis is considered a v… more »

Now why didn't I think of this?

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Oh the trouble I could get into if I were in school right now. As it was, I forged High School Report cards, ala War Games, cheated on Physics tests using cutting edge (1989) programmable calculators that the teachers didn't yet understand. If I were i… more »

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