Expanding Baseball's Playoffs

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I am a purest in every sense of the word when it comes to baseball. There is so much of today's game, rules & playoff format that I do not like. That said, the recent move by Bud Selig and Major League Baseball to start the expansion of the playo… more »

I'm in Love!

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I want to marry this woman! I could not have said it better! DesireG on CNN iReport on Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates arrest and alleged police racial profiling by Cambridge Police Department. more »

Never a guarantee of a moment

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I have long espoused on this blog my definition of "sport" - an activity can only be called a 'sport' if there is risk of death during the participation thereof. i.e. Fencing and Javelin Umpiring - you get the point. Although Tennis is considered a v… more »

Long Range Weather Predictions

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With trepidation I read this recent Ann Arbor News article: New Web site predicts long-range weather Attention weather geeks: The National Weather Service has launched a new local climate report service. The outlook gives weather watchers a long… more »

Finally, a laser phonograph

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I was reading Popular Science at the Optomitrist this morning while waiting patiently for my appointment. They had a blurb of new products and featured this one: 22 years after the CD hit the market, we have a device that spins your LP's, but rat… more »

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