See, I was right...

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What did I post early this morning? Fuel Surcharges are unfair, mask the actual cost of the product or service and most importantly, are disproportionate to the actual marginal cost of the fuel they are supposedly surcharging us for. According to thi… more »

Recession Over or Ever Started?

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When the current recession started to really impact people, and some were claiming it was "the worst since the Great Depression" I argued that this was media over-kill. Specifically I stated, "I just watched a teenager buy a new iPhone. During the Depr… more »

East Coast Trip

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Once again we're off to the east cost for some family time and ocean soaking... First Philly, then Ocean City, MD and then back home. Postings will be sparse and spell check, linking and images will be few or absent. Cheers, Caleb more »

e-Waste, Pollution & China

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As one who recycles so much, his family of 4 produces at most 2 trash bags of garbage a week, I am appalled when I read stories of what happens in the reclamation process sometimes. Today's post isn't anything new, I've seen numerous reports, includin… more »

Religious idiot of the day

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Let me state for background the store of Daniel and the Lions Den: Jumping around here... From the book of Daniel, Chapter 6: The administrators tried to find grounds for charges against Daniel in his conduct of government affairs, but they were… more »

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