Suburbia's fortress mentality

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There's a great article over at Yahoo! News titled, "Suburbia's fortress mentality" which goes along with a book I read in college that was titled something like "Whatever happened to the front porch?" and a more recent book "Bowling Alone : The Collaps… more »

Found Video: 300 Baud coupler modem

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I speak for all of us "older" folks when I write the following: I had a 300 baud modem. Love my 300 baud modem. When I upgraded to 1200 baud, it stunk - wanna know why? Because with 300 baud, I could literally 'read' the screen as fast as it came thr… more »

Tiny Bubbles

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I read with great sadness that crooner Don Ho (no offense to any race or gender with that comment) died this weekend. My greatest only memory of his one-hit Tiny Bubbles comes from an episode of The Mole 2, hosted by the excellent newsman Anderson Coo… more »

Mastcot Hall of Fame

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Who'd a thunk there was a mascot hall of fame? Below is one of the funniest things I have ever read, give it a few minutes of your time. more »

Hacking with Google

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Ever want to just find something, or many something’s, that you're not really supposed to find? Check out this article for ways to use Google to find virtually anything you want... Hacking with Google By the way, it's a news article… more »

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