Bridge Loans and lost retirement

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The Ann Arbor News has a continuing series of how poor the housing market is, for some people, in the Ann Arbor / Washtenaw County area. Looking at the numbers and finding specific stories makes it very easy to determine no one is buying houses in SE… more »

Today's sign of the Apocalypse...

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Seems the Chairman of VeriChip, one Scott Silverman, has a solution for immigrants - let's put an RFID chip in them. Some people do this to pure-bred dogs, we as a country can now do it to immigrants. Yeah, that sounds like a great idea Mr. Silverman.… more »

Typhons, Cyclones and Tsunami's - Oh My!

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A few years ago, a massive Tsunami hit the Indian Ocean region. It devastated parts of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand, completely wiping some towns and their residents off the map. It was horrible. One of the chief complaints at the time… more »

Simply Amazing: Ghost Ships of the Recession

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Seems the world wide recession has created a Ghost Navy. Great read, check it out. Thanks to @MissyCaulk for this amazing lead. more »

Gone Caching...

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Been a great week since I last wrote in this space, that's because I've been re-infected with the Caching Bug! 2 Saturday's ago the family went to South Jersey for a JBQ Tournament (Josh placed 3rd in the state in his division!) and cached our way hom… more »

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