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Beware the Barrel Monster!

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In what is probably the coolest thing I have seen in the lines of either vandalism, graffiti or art in maybe a decade, I bring you this "Barrell Monster" done by local street artist Joseph Carnevale in Raleigh, NC. Done as a lark, he was arrested and… more »

Happy Birthday Bill Buckner

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I was watching PTI last night and they gave our a "Happy Happy" to Bill Buckner (wiki) on his birthday. They showed "the replay" (YouTube) two times during the segment. Now I don't have a problem with the clip, or his actions during the clip (… more »


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Honor amoung Islamics

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Well, wouldn't you know it, in today's news reading, I can tell you all about "women's rights" in Islamic nations. I wonder if those "European Women converting to Islam" know about this? So this father butchered/killed/murdered his 3 young daughters… more »

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