Bring on the Holy Spirit Power!

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A new 10-nation survey of Pentecostal and charismatic Christians, considered the fastest-growing stream of Christianity worldwide, shows they are deeply influencing the Roman Catholic and mainstream Protestant churches and are poised to make a big impact… more »

Pennies for Lunch update

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NY TV station WABC reported on my post from yesterday where 29 Readington Middle School students were given 2 days of detention for paying for their $2 lunch with pennies. Here is the segment on YouTube. Here's my question - prank or "disrespect" asi… more »


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At what point in the 2006 NFL season will the announcers stop saying phrases such as "the Oakland Raiders just upset the Defending Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers" and just say "Oakland won an easy one today when Pittsburgh came to town?" At 2… more »

Two Rants: Christmas & The Death Penalty

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Two separate rants to start the day... Rant 1: Christ & Christmas Almost every political candidate, on both sides of the aisle, has embraced their "Christianity" going into this Primary season. Hillary professes to have a deep Christian herita… more »

Comcast Sucks, and we can prove it this time

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I have previous posted about Comcast Cable's suckability factor in this blog. But now it's fully legit, 100% official, Comcast doesn't just suck, they're downright cheats, liars and deserve to have all their phones smashed with hammers! It has long b… more »

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