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At what point in the 2006 NFL season will the announcers stop saying phrases such as "the Oakland Raiders just upset the Defending Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers" and just say "Oakland won an easy one today when Pittsburgh came to town?" At 2… more »

Two Rants: Christmas & The Death Penalty

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Two separate rants to start the day... Rant 1: Christ & Christmas Almost every political candidate, on both sides of the aisle, has embraced their "Christianity" going into this Primary season. Hillary professes to have a deep Christian herita… more »

GPS Coordinate Tatoo?

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This is just strange I tell you, strange: From So you think you're into Geotagging/Geocaching, etc? How about Angelina Jolie and her recent Tat' that gives the coordinates of the countries where her four children were born. more »

What to do with your money

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No, this isn't a post full with financial management advice (Financial Freedom | Credit Cards | Investing 101). It's more a question of what to do with all your money when you're about to die. Just last week, Eric posted a story about people who "giv… more »

The best thing that could have happened to GM

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is a strike... Thanks to the UAW, GM is going to make money this quarter. In an industry where they're hemorrhaging money and has sales more in line with the 80's and the labor problems of that era than the booming late 90's, a strike is just what GM… more »

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