Update: Josh's New Bike

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This is a follow-up to the bike story post from earlier today. Be sure to read that one first! If you're not into numbers and scientific evaluation, just stop here and go to basketweaving.com... Otherwise, click more for the full story... I… more »

Where exactly is KD Country?

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As a charter citizen of KD Country, I must ask, again, where the borders of this place are located. What is KD Country you ask? KD Country is the area governed by TV and Radio station KDKA of Pittsburgh. KDKA was the very first commercial radio statio… more »


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One of the few PodCasts I listen to regularly is CNET's Buzz Out Loud. In a show from Oct 18th, they discussed a web site that converts any photo into ASCII art*. Entirely too cool, check this out: .... .… more »

Pennies for Lunch update

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NY TV station WABC reported on my post from yesterday where 29 Readington Middle School students were given 2 days of detention for paying for their $2 lunch with pennies. Here is the segment on YouTube. Here's my question - prank or "disrespect" asi… more »

America: Outsourcing comes to the states

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What do you call it when the company you outsourced to outsources back to the place where you outsourced from? I believe they're calling it "insourcing." Outsourcing is bringing the jobs to Reno. Across the street from an Army Reserve center and next… more »

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