Update: Josh's New Bike

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This is a follow-up to the bike story post from earlier today. Be sure to read that one first! If you're not into numbers and scientific evaluation, just stop here and go to basketweaving.com... Otherwise, click more for the full story... I… more »


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One of the few PodCasts I listen to regularly is CNET's Buzz Out Loud. In a show from Oct 18th, they discussed a web site that converts any photo into ASCII art*. Entirely too cool, check this out: .... .… more »

The best thing that could have happened to GM

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is a strike... Thanks to the UAW, GM is going to make money this quarter. In an industry where they're hemorrhaging money and has sales more in line with the 80's and the labor problems of that era than the booming late 90's, a strike is just what GM… more »

What to do with your money

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No, this isn't a post full with financial management advice (Financial Freedom | Credit Cards | Investing 101). It's more a question of what to do with all your money when you're about to die. Just last week, Eric posted a story about people who "giv… more »

Mike's Hard Lemonade

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Quite a few years ago I was golfing with some friends from church. We're not drinkers, as a whole, so it surprised me when one of our party bought a Mike's Hard Lemonade from the cart girl peddling drinks on the course. Once he drank his first sip, h… more »

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