America: Outsourcing comes to the states

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What do you call it when the company you outsourced to outsources back to the place where you outsourced from? I believe they're calling it "insourcing." Outsourcing is bringing the jobs to Reno. Across the street from an Army Reserve center and next… more »

iPod Craziness

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Hasn't this iPod craze gone too far? More seriously, the caption at Yahoo! News reads: One and Two-day-old newborn babies listen to music with headphones at the 1st Private Hospital in Kosice-Saca. The experimental program that started approximet… more »

2006 Midwest GeoBash

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Hey guys, it's been a long week - but it's a holiday, so no complaining... Spent 4 days in Columbus, Ohio with some college friends and their kids. Got home, mowed the lawn, and then Lucinda headed off to Chicago and I to the 2006 Midwest GeoBash.… more »

More reasons I hate unions

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Back in March, I wrote a post titled "Why I Hate Unions." The story was about a Philadelphia union blocking an approved construction type because it would not need as many people & hours to install and maintenance people to maintain. Read the post… more »

Linking to ads...

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I despise advertisements. So much that I've been using a DVR since 2001. Started with an UltimateTV, then a DirecTiVo, then a High Definition DirecTiVo and now a DirecTV-branded HR21-700 DVR (non-TiVo). We simply don't watch commercials. I surf the n… more »

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