Linking to ads...

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I despise advertisements. So much that I've been using a DVR since 2001. Started with an UltimateTV, then a DirecTiVo, then a High Definition DirecTiVo and now a DirecTV-branded HR21-700 DVR (non-TiVo). We simply don't watch commercials. I surf the n… more »

Wonder what the Catholic church would think about this?

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Without intending to demean my Catholic friends (just doing so naturally I suppose)... Ever borrow your friend's, or even a stranger's, cell phone. Every wonder "where it's been" and "who has touched it" and if they washed since the last time they, w… more »

Great Steak Cook Off

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Back in September, I found a post on the ever-helpful blog Lifehacker titled Turn a $5 Steak into a $50 Steak. Ever the steak-lover (dead animal, yum!) and always looking for a bargain, I was quick to give the post and the linked article from Jaden's St… more »

Shopping this Christmas Season

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I've been entirely too frustrated to blog of late. I'm reading every nugget I can get about the failing domestic auto industry and every sentence I read makes me more frustrated, angry and lose faith in our government in that they want to just give peop… more »

Two America's

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I believe there are Two America's - one where people are faithful to their wives and one where they are not. John Edwards, to which one do you belong. I am a hyper-aware political junkie, and have neither the time nor patience to bring you up to spee… more »

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