Gone Caching...

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Been a great week since I last wrote in this space, that's because I've been re-infected with the Caching Bug! 2 Saturday's ago the family went to South Jersey for a JBQ Tournament (Josh placed 3rd in the state in his division!) and cached our way hom… more »

I'm a king maker!

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I am on my second stint as a resident of New Jersey. The first time was from Jan 1994 through Dec 1998. We've been "back" since June '07. Christie Todd Whitman, Republican, came into office in January of 1994 and remained there until leaving for t… more »

Bunch O' Links

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Even though I have been faithfully blogging over the past couple of weeks, the links and FireFox tabs still collect and today is the day to ditch them all. So sit back and enjoy a bunch o' links courtesy of PittCaleb: A woman is sued for HYPERLINKING… more »

Reasons #1 and #2 why not to skydive

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I have always wanted to both sky dive and bungee jump - it just seems to awesomely exciting, invigorating and just plain crazy - ohhh, i sooo want to do them! Although I am not afraid of heights whatsoever, what I don't think I can do is exit from a per… more »

Why I hate Conservative Talk-Radio

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I've been listening to less and less conservative talk radio in the past year. I believe it started about 4 years or so ago when they, in general, Rush in specific, became mouth-pieces for the Republican Party. I have always considered there a differen… more »

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