There outta be a rule...

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I play this game called GeoCaching - if you've read this blog once, you know what I'm talking about. People hide and then others search for treasure hidden in woods, urban environments and the like. One of the cardinal rules for GeoCaching is that yo… more »

A Failure of the Press

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      There is an awesome article in today's Washington Post co-authored by Bill Bennett, a staunch conservative and Alan Dershowitz, a left-wing liberal. I originally wanted to say so much about the article and add things to… more »

Shuttle over the sun

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Seems a group of researchers doing their normal jobs snapped a couple of images of the International Space Station & Shuttle Discovery in *front* of the sun. Neat images even if they merely look like a ping pong ball with a couple of flecks on the l… more »

More Video: Jugging in a Cone

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While 'researching' the previous post about jugging hammers, I looked at the most-viewed juggling video's. The highest non-sports one was this video of Greg Kennedy juggling balls inside of an inverted cone. Absolutely amazing! As with the other vid… more »

Pfizer's impact on Saline Schools

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I accompanied my oldest to Kindergarten the other day, bringing cupcakes with me as they celebrated his birthday. His teacher told me they determined that 160 families in the district are Pfizer employees. Let's just say 2 kids per family, that's 320 s… more »

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