Shuttle over the sun

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Seems a group of researchers doing their normal jobs snapped a couple of images of the International Space Station & Shuttle Discovery in *front* of the sun. Neat images even if they merely look like a ping pong ball with a couple of flecks on the l… more »

Comcast Sucks, and we can prove it this time

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I have previous posted about Comcast Cable's suckability factor in this blog. But now it's fully legit, 100% official, Comcast doesn't just suck, they're downright cheats, liars and deserve to have all their phones smashed with hammers! It has long b… more »

He'll take care of the rest...

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Once a year I go through my Keith Green phase - and that time of year is Easter. [I *wish* could have hair like his!] Don't know why, but I do. While driving to a friends for Easter lunch with the family, we were skipping through my KG collection when… more »

Yep, I was right...

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Like I'm ever wrong (tm)... In a wire article today, I see that The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention "complained about the insensitivity of a commercial by the automaker that showed a factory robot leaping from a bridge after it was fired fo… more »

There outta be a rule...

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I play this game called GeoCaching - if you've read this blog once, you know what I'm talking about. People hide and then others search for treasure hidden in woods, urban environments and the like. One of the cardinal rules for GeoCaching is that yo… more »

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