A Failure of the Press

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      There is an awesome article in today's Washington Post co-authored by Bill Bennett, a staunch conservative and Alan Dershowitz, a left-wing liberal. I originally wanted to say so much about the article and add things to… more »

Pfizer's impact on Saline Schools

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I accompanied my oldest to Kindergarten the other day, bringing cupcakes with me as they celebrated his birthday. His teacher told me they determined that 160 families in the district are Pfizer employees. Let's just say 2 kids per family, that's 320 s… more »

Mike's Hard Lemonade

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Quite a few years ago I was golfing with some friends from church. We're not drinkers, as a whole, so it surprised me when one of our party bought a Mike's Hard Lemonade from the cart girl peddling drinks on the course. Once he drank his first sip, h… more »

iPod Kiosk's ?

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We've been traveling a lot lately - back and forth to New Jersey interviewing, looking for houses, etc. And yep, my wife and I love each other company so much, the we bring along 2 iPod's and listen with headphones throughout the trips. We have the s… more »

Bath, Michigan - the worst school massacare ever

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I know this trivia from GeoCaching, it just took me a couple days to dig it up... The recent Virginia Tech massacre has been garnering a lot of press - as it should. But when the press does something, they love to produce "lists." You know, "Top 10… more »

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