Comcast Sucks, and we can prove it this time

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I have previous posted about Comcast Cable's suckability factor in this blog. But now it's fully legit, 100% official, Comcast doesn't just suck, they're downright cheats, liars and deserve to have all their phones smashed with hammers! It has long b… more »

Bath, Michigan - the worst school massacare ever

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I know this trivia from GeoCaching, it just took me a couple days to dig it up... The recent Virginia Tech massacre has been garnering a lot of press - as it should. But when the press does something, they love to produce "lists." You know, "Top 10… more »

He'll take care of the rest...

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Once a year I go through my Keith Green phase - and that time of year is Easter. [I *wish* could have hair like his!] Don't know why, but I do. While driving to a friends for Easter lunch with the family, we were skipping through my KG collection when… more »

iPod Kiosk's ?

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We've been traveling a lot lately - back and forth to New Jersey interviewing, looking for houses, etc. And yep, my wife and I love each other company so much, the we bring along 2 iPod's and listen with headphones throughout the trips. We have the s… more »

Mmmmmm, dinner

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South Korean scientists have successfully cloned a dog. All I can say is "dinner's served." Second course, same as the first. Sorry, I couldn't resist. more »

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