A Failure of the Press

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      There is an awesome article in today's Washington Post co-authored by Bill Bennett, a staunch conservative and Alan Dershowitz, a left-wing liberal. I originally wanted to say so much about the article and add things to… more »

It's not just a mining disaster in West Virginia

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As a follow-up to my entry from Friday, I wanted to link to Sunday's sermon from my home church, Saline First Assembly of God. Pastor Bomey used the minig tragedy as a teaching point for how we view people as being alive, when in fact they are dead and… more »

Prepare for the Robot Invasion

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I can often be overheard complaining that my future has been stolen from me. By that, I mean that the science fiction future promise to me in my youth (think Jetsons, Back to the Future II, Buck Rodgers, 2001/2010, Star Trek, etc.) is still "light years… more »

My problem with the War in Iraq

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We read a lot about the war. How it's unjust, how it's unnecessary and mostly, how it's inhumane. According to the latest reports, 3,707 US Service men and women have died serving in this war. Here's my problem. Last year 13,470 people died at the… more »

Pfizer's impact on Saline Schools

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I accompanied my oldest to Kindergarten the other day, bringing cupcakes with me as they celebrated his birthday. His teacher told me they determined that 160 families in the district are Pfizer employees. Let's just say 2 kids per family, that's 320 s… more »

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