Backlog / Cheating

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Hey faithful readers - I've been quite busy the past week or so and although I had things to log about, didn't have time to do it properly in the proefssional nature I normally do. I published 4 articles today, but back-dated them so it looks like… more »

Great Steak Cook Off

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Back in September, I found a post on the ever-helpful blog Lifehacker titled Turn a $5 Steak into a $50 Steak. Ever the steak-lover (dead animal, yum!) and always looking for a bargain, I was quick to give the post and the linked article from Jaden's St… more »

Now this is fun

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Keeping in line with the recent post on new wheels, give this a try - it's a blast - even Josh likes playing the game. more »

It's not just a mining disaster in West Virginia

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As a follow-up to my entry from Friday, I wanted to link to Sunday's sermon from my home church, Saline First Assembly of God. Pastor Bomey used the minig tragedy as a teaching point for how we view people as being alive, when in fact they are dead and… more »

Bad Driver Report: National Edition

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One of the very first things I ever learned in Drivers Education in 10th grade was - if you ever have a problem with the car and feel like you're out of control, shift into Neutral and/or turn off the ignition. The instructor, our football coach of cour… more »

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