Biting the hand the fed you...

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Seems Mr. Ken Jennings, who at one point had a giant foam head of himself, has something up his craw with regard to Alex Trebek. He claims: "Nobody knows he died in that fiery truck crash a few years back and was immediately replaced with the Trebekt… more »

You, You are God

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One of my (many) complaints about churches (in general) is their lack of professionalism. Their posters for the Easter Production look to be made by a child with a crayon. The signage in church lacking or incorrect. The weekly bulletin filled with err… more »

Flickr Photos of New House

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I used to host all my files on my servers - my videos, my music, my photos - I took some Open Source photo gallery software and re-coded it once to suit my needs, I built my own in-line video players. Then I decided a little bit ago, "why?" So here a… more »

Got Viagra?

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Seems an iguana named Mozart got a hold of some Viagra. Unfortunately for him, Little Mozart now needs to be amputated. I recall a commercial about contacting your doctor after 6 hours, but never anything about amputation. Zoiks! more »

I've Been Published

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I've started some paid Vlogging for a parenting web site. It's a YouTube channel - JNJ Health and my first video was just uploaded today. Give it a watch and rate it 5 Stars! And if you have any parenting advice, hints or random stuff you can put on t… more »

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