Quick Links

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A couple of quick links on this busy day. It started out all good and all - had some housework that needed to be attended to, but blew it off to do some work at church hanging intelligent lights from the rafters. While there, I got a call from ABC News… more »

Stem Cell Research Pays Off Big Time

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With all the controversy surrounding Stem Cell Research, even the proponents admit it will only be worth it if they find cures for cancer, parkinson's, alzheimers and the like. So it was with great glee that I read today's headline over on Google News… more »

Is the JonBenet Ramsey case solved?

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I swore the kid brother did it - I was 90% sure of this... Seems today they just arrested someone who has confessed to parts of the crime unknown to the general public. If this pans out and he's the bad guy, all I can say is "wow" and how bad that we,… more »

What Not To Do: WTC Edition

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Honestly, sometimes I believe people do stupid things because they just weren't thinking. Other times I think they have to go out of their way to do stupid things. Today, it's the latter. FEMA, you know, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, crea… more »

NASA faked the moon landing

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So the truth comes out - NASA doesn't have the original tapes of the 1969 moon landing. Seems to confirm what conspiracy theorists have been stating for over 30 years now - NASA faked the moon landings in a Hollywood back lot. more »

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