Jack Bauer's 24 Comes True

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I'm addicted to the cutting edge Fox show "24." As 'real' as it seems, the technology they use on the show is absurdly outrageous and a dozen years into the future, if not 100% unrealistic. LA-CTU operates in a budgetless, civil-liberty'less bubble. They… more »

Who's Your Daddy?

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Seems as technology becomes more prevalent and price points become cheaper, people find ways to use formerly expensive and technical tests to do the mundane and formerly unthinkable tasks. Not that there's anything wrong with it... With the cost of D… more »

Rethinking divorce

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How does the saying go? "When the going get's tough, the tough get going?" The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition defines it "The way to overcome adversity is to try harder." Phrases.org.uk claims "When the situation gets critical, t… more »

Landis is a cheater

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Anyone who knows me knows I love the Tour de France. I've been watching it annually since before Greg LeMond was in the race. I've seen LeMond's awesome victory on the Champs Elysees, I've seen riders literally drive off the side of mountains while cyc… more »

Ways around TiVo

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Back in June, ancient history in the Internet age, I saw a story over at The Raw Feed about some, perhaps fake, advertising method for Papa John's Pizza. It was neat, novel and downright scary if they were actually going to do it. I look at things li… more »

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