Wow - web sites (MySpace) banned at schools & libraries

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Wow - Congress has voted to ban any web site that has public profiles from public schools and libraries. Intended to restrict access to MySpace because: "Social networking sites such as MySpace and chat rooms have allowed sexual predators to sneak in… more »

Homer Simpson, Cloning and Recounting punch ballots and morets

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Homer Simpson on the Euro??? Seriously! People who clone their dogs are Mormon Kidnappers! We watched Recount, the HBO movie about the 2000 Florida Election. It was 1-sided and never mentioned that the newspapers did count all the votes and still… more »

The dreaded N-word

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Again we learn that "people judge you by the words you use" As Don Imus recently showed us, in today's hyper-reactive environment and a bored national media, the wrong person saying the wrong thing can quickly get them canned. I'd have less a problem… more »

More on that second income

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For some reason, the morning "news" shows have been going back and forth on the "Mommy Wars" debate between staying home and raising your children and working while utilizing child care. All 3 major networks have addressed the issue in the past few mo… more »

Why become a senator?

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Seriously, why would one want to be a Senator? Seriously - I want to know the answer to the question, "What's in it for me?" If I were to run, how would I benefit, what would my satisfaction be? On the surface, one could say it's all about public se… more »

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