What Not To Do: WTC Edition

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Honestly, sometimes I believe people do stupid things because they just weren't thinking. Other times I think they have to go out of their way to do stupid things. Today, it's the latter. FEMA, you know, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, crea… more »

Making Reparations

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It's the in thing to make reparations these days. The United States is continually asked to apologize for slavery, we're asking the Turks to apologize for their actions in the Armenian Genocide a century ago. It's all good to make good on past wrongs t… more »

The dreaded N-word

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Again we learn that "people judge you by the words you use" As Don Imus recently showed us, in today's hyper-reactive environment and a bored national media, the wrong person saying the wrong thing can quickly get them canned. I'd have less a problem… more »

Did you remember to go potty?

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Ahhh, as the father of a 4 year old, I ask my son that question all the time. Below is a Reuters photograph (i.e. a trusted source) from Yahoo! News of President Bush writing a note during class: Captioned: U.S. President George W. Bush writes a… more »

More on that second income

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For some reason, the morning "news" shows have been going back and forth on the "Mommy Wars" debate between staying home and raising your children and working while utilizing child care. All 3 major networks have addressed the issue in the past few mo… more »

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