Why I hate Conservative Talk-Radio

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I've been listening to less and less conservative talk radio in the past year. I believe it started about 4 years or so ago when they, in general, Rush in specific, became mouth-pieces for the Republican Party. I have always considered there a differen… more »

Geek Porn Wednesday

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A little bit of geek porn for your Wednesday commute home. Trust me, if you're not a geek, today's post will bring you no joy.Back in the day, and when I say "in the day" I mean the very beginning of technology, Bell Laboratories was the place. IIR… more »

Teens & Partying

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I am not yet the parent of a teenager, but can certainly imagine the day when my teen spends a weekend out and when he returns won't tell me what happened. This must be how the NASA engineers are feeling about their 6-earth-year old Mars Rover Spirit:… more »

What has this world come to?

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First President Obama wins the Nobel Peace prize not for what he has done, but, literally, hope - hope that he will do what he wants to do and the hope he has given at least the 5 people on the Nobel committee that the world will be more peaceful than it… more »

I'm A Believer!

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Yep, after about 18 months of testing the waters and making dabbles into the system, I am finally a full-fledged believer - in Wholesale Club Shopping! I blogged recently about my foray into renewing my membership at BJ's, but finally, I believe in th… more »

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