What has this world come to?

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First President Obama wins the Nobel Peace prize not for what he has done, but, literally, hope - hope that he will do what he wants to do and the hope he has given at least the 5 people on the Nobel committee that the world will be more peaceful than it… more »

Goodbye B.C.

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I relatively rarely read the comics section, but when I do, there are only a handful of strips I read. One of them is the strip B.C. authored by Johnny Hart. It's intelligent and insightful rather than the stupid humor such as Garfield. What I also en… more »

Reasons #1 and #2 why not to skydive

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I have always wanted to both sky dive and bungee jump - it just seems to awesomely exciting, invigorating and just plain crazy - ohhh, i sooo want to do them! Although I am not afraid of heights whatsoever, what I don't think I can do is exit from a per… more »

PittCaleb's Day Off

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Today was a day that is a milestone in every stay-at-home parent's life. The day when even for just 2 hours, you have life to yourself. When you can do anything you want to do. All (in my case, both) the kids are in school (mine=1 in 2nd grade, the ot… more »

Teens & Partying

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I am not yet the parent of a teenager, but can certainly imagine the day when my teen spends a weekend out and when he returns won't tell me what happened. This must be how the NASA engineers are feeling about their 6-earth-year old Mars Rover Spirit:… more »

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