Making Reparations

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It's the in thing to make reparations these days. The United States is continually asked to apologize for slavery, we're asking the Turks to apologize for their actions in the Armenian Genocide a century ago. It's all good to make good on past wrongs t… more »

Today's sign the Apocalypse is approaching

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No link, but I just saw this report on live TV (Channel 4 in Detroit)... Seems 2 gas stations in Detroit are having a gas price war. Gas used to cost $3.03 at each station and it now stands at $2.79. People are waiting in line for over an hour to ge… more »

What Not To Do: WTC Edition

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Honestly, sometimes I believe people do stupid things because they just weren't thinking. Other times I think they have to go out of their way to do stupid things. Today, it's the latter. FEMA, you know, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, crea… more »

Clinton spin machine

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I'm watching the Democratic Presidential primary from afar, on record as having never supported either candidate and with no proverbial chance in hell that I'd vote for either of them in the general election. I am an avid political watcher, avid reader… more »

You Go New Jersey!

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According to the Star Ledger: Preliminary data released by the New Jersey State Police showed no traffic deaths during the three-day New Year holiday, the first holiday weekend without an auto fatality in the state in at least six years, a report in Nor… more »

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