Couple of days off

by pittcaleb Email    472 views

As I age and continue to play sports, rough-house with my kids and stay active in youth ministry, I find myself requiring more and more medical visits. I'm currently nursing 2 'issues' right now and will be in and out of contact over the next few days.

One will remain a mystery to you guys, just know I'm dealing with the "unspoken" that seems to be so popular with some... (kudos Jessica)

The second was diagnosed as an AC Joint 'issue' - been nagging me for 3 months - don't know what the Doc will do about it. Me guesses he'll order me to stop playing hockey and raquetball immediately. Beyond that, I'll know next week.

Here's hoping I won't need to have a "centimeter of my clavical cut off" as the web page states!