Here we go... Pittsburgh's goin' to the Super Bowl...

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Jerome BettisHere we go...
Here we go...
Here we go...
Steelers - Here we go...
Pittsburgh's goin' to the Super Bowl...

This is the year we'll get that one for the thumb!

[Please, everyone, give that 16-second chant a quick listen here to get you in the proper mood for this posting]

For fully immersion and for the proper mood, also listen to the original Pittsburgh Polka


I know visitors to this site, appropriately named Hail to Pitt!, have probably been wondering, why has Caleb not posted more about the Steelers. What's up with him? Where's his mind at?

Follow up:

It's been a very long couple of weeks for us here. Just a bunch of small, but non-trivial, things to deal with. I was able to make quick posts, but to properly convey my thoughts and feelings on the Pittsburgh Steelers would require more time.

The amazing thing about this past week is that leading up to and during the Indy game, the announcers, commentators and just about everyone had written off the Steelers. Tony Kornhauser of ESPN's PTI, a show that I TiVo religiously, stated, "The Steelers will be demolished by the Colts!" The in-game crew was slamming Pittsburgh even as they racked up un-answered point after un-answered point. At one point exclaiming, as Pittsburgh had a 14-point lead going into half-time, "this is nothing, Manning and Indy can come back from this in the 2nd half with no problem." Whatever happened to impartial reporting of a live event?

So this week, the shoe's on the other foot. If I didn't know better, I would think the Steelers were coming to Detroit for a coronation, not the mother of all games. I have a hard time remembering who they are playing and I'm sure the Seattle Seahawk fans are a) irate and b) the team is using this to their advantage. I must say, the Steelers have played the underdog well this post-season. They've won 9 road games this year, more than any team ever, including the last 3 playoff games which also has never been done before.

Pittsburgh is much better than a "6 seed" - they lost a couple games due to injury or slow recovery as well as an OT bogus/bad call loss early on in the season. Their record is 'much better' than their 11 wins state - not that there's anything wrong with their record - obviously.

To be so close, yet so far away: I live what, 40 miles from Ford Field, but hold no tickets in my hand. Trying desperately through many avenues, but none seem to be panning out. Willing to spend handsomely, just not handsomely enough I believe. If you know anything about tickets, let me know, I'm interested!

So I was searching today for the 'original' Pittsburgh Steelers Polka and found some awesome sites in the process. This is more a list of cool, probably under-known, web sites I found while searching for some cool music to use as a ring tone. Unfortunately, with Verizon, you must download them from their servers, so I can't, unless someone can help me here, install any of these ultra-cool files as a ringtone. Argh...

Anyway, it's been a long week and the Steeler's haven't been on the forefront of my mind, but dude I am seriously psyched now. Listing to the music files linked below I am just pumped - can't even write this blog while listening, playing desk-top-drums and singing along to all the Steeler fight songs. I can't wait till Sunday!

I was searching for all this stuff and I just had to type in this to Google: "We are the fans with the bags on our heads" Thankfully it did not return anything, even in archives, with lyrics or MP3 downloads. I bet a couple years ago you could have found it on everyone's Steeler site.

Some awesome sites:

  • Ed's Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Memories Page - Some great links, photos, videos and audio files. Check it out!
  • Steeler Gridiron - Specifically some more great sound files! The Polka is here, they have the Ghostbusters song which rails on the Cowboys, which is funny 'cause I remember it going "I ain't 'fraid of no fish" - which is an incorrect reference to the Dolphins. I believe we lost to the Dolphins in the AFC Championship. I used to love B-94 FM with Quinn and Banana in the morning! Also the long-play version of Here We Go - updated for 2004! They also have some lyrics linked there which is helpful.
  • Pete's Bits - I have no idea who Pete Gustin is, but on that page, they have a link to listen to a CD snipet (The Music of the Pittsburgh Steelers) which is just entirely too funny.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers - Here We Go - these are the lyrics to the Here We Go song from a few years back. No MP3 download and the Ring Tone link, even for you non-verizon users, doesn't seem to bring up anything.
  • Buch Prisby - No idea who or what this is, but he's obviously a Steeler fan and provided a valuable link to another page.
  • Steelers.Com - This is the specific page about the AFC Championship game with some great writing and better photos from the locker room (i.e. trophy!) and the sidelines.
  • Steeler Fever - more songs, including what appears to be an updated version of Here We Go, but they're bandwidth limited and can't serve them right now - argh!
  • Steeler Songs - just found it - 2 new original songs - "One for the thumb" and "Here Comes Roethlisberger" - these are just snipets, you have to buy the full version, which is cool.
  • OK, one more song! The Puhlahmahlu Song - linked currently on the MySpace page of Mr Devious and downloadable here