Very Proud Dad Day

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Josh Biking w/o Training WheelsToday is a day that I have been waiting for for well over 5 years! My oldest, Joshua, rode his bicycle without training wheels!

Sunday afternoon I told him that I wanted to try without training wheels in the grass. He resisted and I didn't push except to say that "we're going to try it sometime this week." Five minutes later he had all his pads (elbow, knee and wrist) and helmet on, ready to go, asking me "when are you going to take off my training wheels?"

Took them off in a jiffy and gave him some pointers. We went out to the grass and I gave him a push start and held onto his back for the full 50' ride. I wasn't balancing him, just had my hand on his back for moral support - he was doing great all by himself. he yelled at me to "let go" because "I can do it on my own!"

We turned around to go back to our starting point. I forgot to tell Josh where we were headed - he turned right, went onto the driveway and rode an additional 50' on the asphalt without problem or me touching him at all. I caught him at the end as he wasn't getting the stopping and putting your foot down trick just yet.

We made numerous other passes in the driveway largely without incident. We fell a couple times, I cought him some, not others. Sam watched from the bridge on the front yard and clapped when I did.

I grabbed some video - the best I could do without a second parent around - yeah, Lucinda's in Seattle for 11 days - what a time to try and injure your oldest child, huh?

We went out again and Josh was even better - he can start on his own now, stop properly and once we started at the end of the driveway and with me jogging at full speed - running actually - beside him, we left the driveway, went to the end of the cul-de-sac, made the circle and came all the way back home - without any incidents whatsoever! I am so proud of Josh!!!

Here are 3 video snipets for your viewing pleasure: