Reasons #1 and #2 why not to skydive

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I have always wanted to both sky dive and bungee jump - it just seems to awesomely exciting, invigorating and just plain crazy - ohhh, i sooo want to do them! Although I am not afraid of heights whatsoever, what I don't think I can do is exit from a perfectly working aircraft or off the side of a bridge (or similar structure). It just makes no sense. Now if the airplane were crashing or on fire, I'd be the first one out the door without hesitation - but to do this willingly requires some insanity I just do not possess.

So reading the news this past weekend, I was reminded of 2 reasons NOT to sky dive:

Reason #1 Pa. skydiver slips from harness and die - even a tandem jump isn't 100% safe. The woman slipped from the harness and fell to her death. I don't know who had it worse - the woman falling, knowing she was going to die throughout the entire conscious free-fall or the instructor, who was responsible for her safety, watching her go realizing he is, well, responsible, for her death. I wouldn't want to live after that.

Reason #2 One dead after skydivers collide - Both jumpers were very experienced (each with hundreds of jumps) and they collided only 200' above the ground. The cutes collapsed and they both fell 200'. One died, the other guy will probably be ok.

So as awesome and as fun as skydiving and bungee jumping probably are, and I am sure I would addicted to the rush that comes from participating in either, without a 100% certainty of survival, I just don't think I can pick up the sport.