This is why Ann Arbor stinks...

by pittcaleb Email    728 views

Ann Arbor is currently trying to woo Google's AdSense to build their new headquarters in the city. It will be a boon to the city with 1,000 educated technology workers coming in while blue-collar manufacturing jobs continue to leave with every newscast.

So here is a story of a good company trying to build new development inside the city limits. They've gone through more hoops with the city and the planning commission than a bear in a circus. They after a year of negociations and changes and with the unamous approval of the city planning commission, the city shot down this new development even they say was to be key in the turn-around of this neighborhood.

CIty councel members said after the vote that they expected the developer to make further modifications and jus be back in front of them in a couple months with a new plan to approve or deny.

Seems finally a someone took council to task - saying enough if enough. They backed out and said goodbye. Council thinks they have all this power - and they do - but equally consumers, developers and builders also have power - the power to just leave this city and go, live and work someplace else. Glad someone finally called the hand and walked away from the table.

I seriously wonder what Google will think about this...