Great North Michigan GeoCaching Adventure

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I have returned, mostly in one piece, from what we billed as the "Great North Michigan GeoCaching Adventure 2006"

Note: Everything has been logged, including an updated profile. Check it out at Click photos for full-sized versions.

I along with Brian & Jerry Tippie took a trip from Ann Arbor to Northern MI to cache till we dropped - literally. What lies below is the wrap-up of that trip...

We left the Tippie's place in Ypsilanti at 6:00 PM sharp and headed north to our first cache, Farmers Florida Grove. We only snagged 4 caches before it got dark. Now I've night-cached a time or two before, but nothing spectacular to speak of. This evening/morning, we would find 12 more caches after total darkness.

In Higgin's Township, yeah, like you know where that is, we set off after 2 caches deep in the 100 Acre Wood. Next to Nirvana and My Nirvana of the North. These were awesome finds in the dark - real trail hiking, some hiking off-trail - middle of nowhere - animal sounds all about. We were truly night caching.

But as midnight came and went and we found ourselves atour 12th cache of the night, Take a walk on the wild side. Don't know if it was the GPS units (we had 3), the satellites in the sky or what, but we spent 35 minutes wandering around in circles - looking in and on and under everything we could put our hands on in those woods. At night, you only see what is directly in front of your light. During the day, you can scan multiple places in short order. We ended up finding this, quite easily I might add, as we left after having given up. rotfl if it weren't already 12:40 AM.

We did a few more night caches, one with a bunch more hiking and 2 with complete bushwhacking required (Katelyn , Northbound Trader). Yeah, not just night caching, but night bushwhack caching. It was awesome. Of course, this night drive up to Mackinaw City was just the tip of our weekend. We found 16 caches before rolling into Wilderness State Park at 3:00 AM. We had camp set and lights out by 3:20 with the alarm set for 6:15 AM in order to make the first ferry over to Mackinac Island in the morning.

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