Welcome to Life 2.0

by pittcaleb Email    730 views

Ahhh... As a follow-up to my Earth 2.0 piece over a week ago, I must tell you I have been enjoying the highs and lows of Life 2.0 since that post was made:

  • My "normal" sized house was home to 11 people for 5 days
  • We hosted an open house for 50+ people
  • My wife took a 4-day business trip to Princeton immediately following the visitors departure
  • My oldest (5) missed 3 days of school while sick immediately following said visitors
  • My youngest (22 mo) is now sick with the same thing
  • Our church is having a 3-day 50th Anniversary Celebration starting tonight for which my wife is on the planning committee and thus has had lots of work for both her and I to do
  • In the past 5 days, said youngest has successfully given up his pacifier (with little difficulty actually)
  • In the past 3 days, that same young one moved from his crib to a toddler bed (with more difficulty than the Paci-elimination).

So although I've been hiding out from being on-line, we've been busy - thanks for continuing to check in. Lots of things going on and on the to-do list. I dare not make a promise like the Rebel Dad did to "post every day next week" but I'll probably find the time to get back into the swing of things shortly...

Cheers - Caleb