Good Cop, Bad Cop

by pittcaleb Email    729 views

I posted just a few days ago that Comcast sucked and DirecTV was being awesome. I stand corrected.

Back story: Rumors on the internet state that DirecTV won't let you "move" and keep your receiving equipment (that you own) and rather insist you "upgrade" to newer stuff (that you lease). My initial call to DirecTV went excellent, they said I could keep my equipment and all is good.

Then 2 days later I got a call to schedule the install of my new dish. They first told me I could keep my old stuff as long as I also leased new stuff. I told them I had no need for their new stuff. Then, after some typing, I was told, "oh, your equipment is incompatible with our new satellite dishes, you must replace your equipment, it won't work." That is patently untrue and a bald faced lie.

This is what ticks me off to no end - the lying in order to get you to provide a new revenue stream. I asked to be transfered to "Customer Retention" and they quickly cleaned things up and scheduled an install. Unfortunately after this was arranged, I received another automated call from DirecTV for scheduling an install - I ignored it and hopefully all is set as agreed upon.